Chief Financial Officer,┬áPurchasing Agent – Joseph Monzo
Phone: 609.298.0542 ext.1018

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the proper financial administration of the municipality under the Local Government Supervision Act (1947); the Local Bond Law (NJSA40A:2-1 et seq.); the Local Budget Law (NJSA40A:4-1 et seq.); the Local Fiscal Affairs Law (NJSA40A:5-1 et seq.); and the Local Public Contract Law (NJSA40A:11-1 et seq.) or any as many pertain to the financial administration of the municipality.

Deputy Treasurer – Bonnie Grouser
Phone: 609.298.0542 ext.1014

The Chief Financial Officer’s Office is responsible for:

  • Financial Management
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources / Employee Handbook

1.1 Health & Dental Benefits
1.2 Payroll
1.3 Deferred Compensation Plans
1.4 Supplemental Disability Insurance
1.5 Family Leave Act

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Annual Debt Statements

2014 Annual Debt Statement
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