Planning Board

 Ashley  E. Jolly, Secretary
Phone: 609.298.0542 ext.1025

The Township Planning Board is responsible for hearing and approving development applications that are consistent with existing zoning laws. Check the Township Calendar for meeting dates.

Class Name Term Expires
IV Scott Preidel, Chairman 12/31/21
II Douglas Borgstrom, Vice Chair 12/31/18
I Robert J. Higgins, Mayor 12/31/18
I Janice A. DiGiuseppe, Mayor Designee 12/31/18
III Frederick D. Cain 12/21/18
IV John Kampo 12/31/18
IV Randy Allen 12/31/19
IV Gary Lippincott 12/31/20
Alt # 1 Shane Fleming 12/31/19
Alt # 2 Dalpat Patel 12/31/18
Ashley Jolly Secretary

Planning Board Meeting Dates

The Planning Board hereby designates the following dates as the dates of its regular meetings until the next reorganization meeting of the Planning Board on January 28, 2018, and unless otherwise modified by Resolution of the Panning Board, there will be work session meetings beginning at 7:00 P.M. followed immediately by the regular meeting. All meetings shall be held at the Municipal Building, 3135 Route 206, Suite 2 (Court Entrance), Columbus, NJ 08022.



          WHEREAS, the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6, et seq., requires the adoption by a public body of a schedule of the regular meetings to be held during the calendar year; and

          WHEREAS, upon proper notice pursuant to the act, no further notice of those meetings will be necessary, and

          NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Planning Board of the Township of Mansfield, assembled in a public session on January 22, 2018, as follows:

The Planning Board hereby designates the following dates as the dates of its regular meetings until the next reorganization meeting to the Planning Board on Monday, January 27, 2019, and unless otherwise modified by Resolution of the Planning Board, there will be work session meetings beginning at 7:00 P.M. followed by the regular meeting. All meetings shall be held in the Mansfield Township Municipal Complex, 3135 Route 206 South, Columbus, New Jersey.

           February 25, 2018                   August 26, 2018

            March 25, 2018                      September 23, 2018

            April 22, 2018                          October 28, 2018

            May 27, 2018                           November 25, 2018

            June 24, 2018                           December 30, 2018

            July 22, 2018                            January 27, 2019- Reorg & Regular Mtgs.

I, ASHLEY JOLLY, Secretary of the Mansfield Township Planning Board, do hereby CERTIFY that the above Resolution was duly

adopted by the Mansfield Township Planning Board at a meeting held on Monday, January 22, 2018.

Ashley E. Jolly, Secretary
Mansfield Township Planning Board

Planning Board Agendas & Documents

3-26-20183-26-20182-26-18 Minutes2018-2-5 Stokley

2018-2-6 TR Stables
2-26-20182-26-20181-22-18 Minutes
1-22-20181-22-1812-27-17 Minutes2018-1-1 PB Meetings

2018-1-2 Prof. Appointments

2018-1-3 Newspapers
12-27-201712-27-17 PB Agenda11-27-2017 PB Minutes
11-27-201711-27-17 PB Agenda10-23-17 MinutesPB Resolution 2017-11-16 Signed

PB Resolution 2017-11-17 Signed
10-23-201710-23-17 Agenda9-25-17 MinutesPB Resolution 2017-10-14 Signed

PB Resolution 2017-10-15 Signed
9-25-20179-25-17 Agenda8-28-17 PB MinutesPB Resolution 2017-08-11 signed

PB Resolution 2017-08-12 Signed

PB Resolution 2017-09-13 signed
8-28-2017PB Agenda 8-28-177-24-17 PB MinutesRes 2017-08-09

Res 2017-08-10
7-24-2017PB Agenda 7-24-176-26-17 MinutesPB Resolution 2017-06-05 signed

PB Resolution 2017-07-06 signed

PB Resolution 2017-07-07 signed
6-26-2017PB Agenda 6-26-175-22-17 MinutesResolution 2017-06-05 signed
5-22-2017PB Agenda 5-22-172-27-17 Minutes
2-27-2017PB Agenda 2-27-171-23-17Res 2017-02-04
1-23-2017PB Agenda 1-23-1712-27-2016Res 2017-01-01

Res 2017-01-02

Res 2017-01-03
12-27-1612-27-16 AgendaPB Minutes November 28 2016PB 2016-12-17



8-22-2016PB Agenda 8-22-167-25-16Resolution 2016-8-10 Redev. Wainwright

Resolution 2016-8-11EndorsingOrdinance2016-12
7-25-2016july agenda 2016minutes june 27 2016resolution 2016-6-9 calton homes extenstion
6-27-16PB Agenda 6-27-16PB Minutes March 28 2016Resolution 2016-6-8 Affirming Margolis Redevelopment
3-28-16PB Agenda 3-28-16Jan 25 2016 Minutes PB

Feb 1 2016 PB Min

March 1 2016 PB Min
3-1-16 Special MeetingPB Agenda Special Meeting 3-1-16Resolution 2016-3-6 EndorsingOrdinance2016-4
2-1-16 Special MeetingPB Agenda Special Meeting 2-1-16Resolution 2016-2-5 EndorsingOrdinance2016-3
1/25/16PB Agenda Jan 25PB Min 12-28-15PB Resolution 2016-1-1

PB Resolution 2016-1-2

PB Resolution 2016-1-3

Resolution 2016 1 4
12/28/15PB Agenda 12-28-15Resolution-Single Parcel Columbus Village 2015-10-4
8/24/15PB Agenda Aug 24PB Min July 27
7/27/15PB Agenda July 27PB Min May 26
5/26/15PB Agenda May 26PB Minutes April 27
4/27/15PB Agenda Apr 27PB Minutes Feb 23Resolution April272015 (Repaired)
2/23/15 ReorganizationPB Agenda ReorgRes 2015-01-01

Res 2015-01-02

PB Res 2015-01-03
11/24/14Planning Bd. Minutes 11-24-14
9/22/14Planning Bd. Minutes 9-22-14
8/25/14Planning Bd. Minutes 8-25-14
3/24/14AgendaPlanning Bd. Minutes 3-24-14
2/24/14 Agenda
1/27/14Minutes - ReorganizationResolution No. 2014-1-2
Resolution No. 2014-1-3
Resolution No. 2014-1--1
9/10/13Resolution No. 2013-09-10
1/25/13Minutes - Joint Mtg
11/26/12AgendaMinutes - Work Session
10/1/12Minutes - Work Session
9/24/12Minutes - Work Session
8/27/12Minutes - Work Session
7/23/12AgendaMinutes - Work Session
6/25/12 - Canceled
5/29/12Minutes - Work Session
4/23/12 - Canceled
3/26/12Minutes - Work Session
2/7/12Minutes - Work Session
1/23/12Minutes - Special Meeting